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Partners in Personal Oncology: The Future of Cancer Care


To partner with each patient to solve cancer through an integrated network of the world's best resources.


To bring to the community the world's knowledge and resources, to foster equality and transparency in cancer care. Transcending institutions, creating a network of networks, to give each patient the best possible access to quality meds online and translate their experience to transform health care and lives of others.

Partners in Personal Oncology is a not-for-profit institute that brings a comprehensive approach to treating cancer patients by linking all of these essential resources into a cohesive framework. We also provide information on drugs like where to buy the drugs effectively, how to refill online prescription for meds, things to remember etc.

We are in the process of building this network and plan to enroll our first patient in the latter half of 2012.

Our goal is to provide the best treatment for each patient by combining a comprehensive study of his or her tumor with the latest available science and technology, and to use what we learn for the benefit of future generations of patients. We thrive on helping patients who are suffering from cancer to get treatment using an easy process of procuring drugs with the help of finding reliable online pharmacy.

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The Need for Change in the Approach to Cancer Care

Results to date demonstrate that no two patients with cancer are exactly alike, and molecular differences between cancers that are often indistinguishable under the microscope can dramatically influence the response to therapy.

A much more thorough characterization of tumor and normal tissue will allow us to have a more complete understanding of a patient’s cancer. Urgently required are ways to correlate the genetic profile of a patients’ cancer with their response to a specific cancer treatment. Those specific treatment can be consulted online by finding qualified online doctor, a digital chemist by studying individual patients at the time of diagnosis using these genetic tests, and then evaluating their response to treatments, can develop an approach that will allow us to select the best available therapy for each cancer patient.

To achieve better predictive outcomes, a more comprehensive approach to testing cancers is needed. Optimally benefiting cancer patients requires not only testing many different genes, but also integrating many different tasks including: 1) collating clinical information on the patient including type of cancer, sites of disease and treatment, 2) collecting and storing tumor specimens, 3) testing specimens using the latest, state-of-the-art assays, 4) standardizing data integration, processing and statistical analyses, 5) integrating information to derive meaningful models that are predictive of responses and potential toxicities to chemotherapy drugs, 6) communicating results to treating physicians thereby enabling the delivery of optimal therapy to patients, 7) directing patients toward clinical trials most likely to be of benefit to them, 8) fostering the development of alternative clinical trial designs.

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