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How to find a reliable online pharmacy in US?

Reliable Online PharmacyEvery year, more than 5 million Americans buy medcines online. Some of them buy medicines through drug stores operating in the United States itself. But some of them do import the drug from international pharmacies due to lower price. Does the law permit them to import medicines to the U.S.? No, according to the Prescription Drug Marketing Act, 1987 only the manufacturer of the drug has the right to import the drug into the U.S. borders.

The trend in the past few years depicts that number of Americans are turning towards the medstore operating from foreign countries. The prime reason for this trend is ability to buy medicines at least 30-80% less from reliable online pharmacies than the local drug store and from the convenience of their own home. The prices of drugs in American are entirely dependent on the manufacturer. In foreign countries such as Canada, the prices are regulated by the government of Canada. The drus store located in foreign countries are able to sell medicines at cheaper prices than U.S.

How to buy medicines from an online pharmacy without legal issues?

The laws are not strictly imposed on domestically imported medicines. People are still able to import medicines to fill their prescription for 1-3 months. You would receive a mail stating that your drug package is lying with them and you can collect it by presenting authorized prescription. If you have one, you can claim your drug package. In another case, because it is a domestic prescription refill, you are not sued and the package is destroyed by the customs officials after few months. The other option is to get an online prescription from the website itself and show the respective personnel.

People who are unaware of this would order controlled substances or drugs without a prescription. Such packages are illegal and would be ceased by the customs officer at the borders and serious penalties and imprisonment are imposed.

If you find yourself to be placed in the scenario described earlier and you are looking for a reliable Canadian pharmacy, here are few tips to navigate:

  • Make sure you buy original drugs. Look for the medication store that sells legitimate drugs. To find a legitimate one, a Google search on pharmacy website using keywords such as fake, fraud, counterfeit will lead you to any negative reviews on the website.
  • You must only buy drugs from the best availble pharmacy. Look for how long they have been in the business. You can find such information merely by browsing through the pharmacy website.
  • Make sure that your drugstore has the best reputation. Look for pharmacies that have Webutation search score not less than 60%. It gives an overall view of user reviews on Google search.
  • Make sure you receive the delivery. Look for reports on online forums that say that payment has been made but the delivery has not yet been received.
  • Make sure that your personal information is secure. Look for customer reviews on pharmacy website stating that their personal information has been sold to spammers.
  • Make sure that your credit card details are safe. Look for reputed online pharmacy. Few very low-end pharmacies misuse your credit card details.

Online pharmacies can be very beneficial if you know what to buy, where to buy and how to buy your desired medication.

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